Full support to Israel

Full support to Israel

Israel and Hamas are NOT the same!

In these very sad days of terror generated by Hamas terrorists, criminals and non-human attacks against innocent Israeli civilians, with crimes that are impossible to describe and, in many cases, were also impossible to imagine until one month ago, a further horrible thing is happening in the Western civilized world: some people are comparing the loss of civilian lives caused by Israeli retaliation with the loss of lives caused by the non-human huge terroristic attack by Hamas. They say that the innocent kids in the Palestinian building are being killed by Israeli bombs in the legitimate retaliation and they are the same as the kids and new-borns horribly killed and slaughtered in their cradles by non-human terrorists.

NO, we stress NO, these are not the same thing, as well as Israel and Hamas are NOT the same!

Why? There are many reasons and they are well known but we don’t want to say them once again.

We want to limit our considerations to a simple rationale:

  • When a Palestinian terrorist enters with unimaginable violence into an Israeli family’s home and kills the innocent Israeli family, he sees the baby into the cradle and he can DECIDE to NOT kill the baby, he can DECIDE. And what does he do? He, with determination and clear choice, DECIDES TO KILL AND SLAUGHTER THE BABY.
  • When an Israeli bomb is dropped by an aircraft or drone over a building where Hamas terrorists are supposed to be hidden, using Palestinian civilian people as human shields, the bomb cannot decide to not kill the babies, the bomb is only a bomb. Who can decide are always and once again the Hamas non-human terrorists: they can decide to NOT use Palestinian civilian people as human shields, but what they decide? The Hamas non-human terrorists decide to use civilians as shields and to condemn them to die.

Therefore, NO, Israeli retaliation is NOT the same as Palestinian Hamas terrorists’ non-human attack.

Hamas is not supporting Palestinian people but using them!

Are you wondering if the correct way to support Palestinian people is to massacre Israeli gents? Of course, it is ridiculous such a position! Palestinian people are only used by Hamas as human shields and terrorists well know that by committing the horrible massacre of innocent Israeli people, including infants, they were also condemning the Palestinians to be part of the Israeli reaction against Hamas. Hamas is happy when Palestinians are killed as war victim, because in this way Hamas says that Israel is killing them but the logical truth is exactly the opposite: Hamas is killing Palestinian people, voluntarily using the as human shields to protect terrorists from legitimate and totally right and fair reaction by Israel to the horrible massacre Hamas committed. Hamas terrorists are assassins and kill innocent people on both sides, they kill innocent Israeli and at the same time kill, directly and indirectly, Palestinians.

Arabian countries are not supporting Palestinian people but using them!

Are you aware that no Palestinian has ever had citizenship by any Arabian country? Are you aware that also when Palestinians go to Arabian countries they remain forever in refugees’ camps, without any possibility to work or to become citizens? Indeed, Arabians do not love at all Palestinians and do not wat a Palestinian nation, because they, the Arabians, want that land and only use Palestinians “cause” to flight Israel to have that land and better access to Mediterranean sea.

Are you aware that many times Palestinians have been offered to become an independent nation-state and refused?

Palestinians have been offered to have their nation-state up to five times, since after war world II, and refused. Why? See the previous paragraph and you will understand…

Brainflashes.com fully supports Israel, and all the civilized world should do so!

Israel deserves the FULL support of all rational and civilized people, because Israel is fighting for justice and civilization.

Stay with Israel!

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If you want go deeper in the topic, a very good book you can read is:

Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics

by Tim Marshall

Here the link to Amazon.com:



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