Structure almost completed but still work to do

Hi, welcome once again to!

I started the creation of this blog in December 2022, with the design of the structure and the identification of the expected contents.

I have very few time to work on the blog, but I have passion to do this as much as possible in my few spare time.

Now the structure and contents have been defined and the menu, implementing the expected structure, is integrated into the blog.

I also integrated the comments formats and the contact form.

Next step is to check the structure and menu implementation for debug, if needed, and then, or in parallel, not sure now, to start writing the contents, the most important part!

Let’s keep in touch, coming back here I hope you will find interesting and relevant contents about life, finance and yourself. They seem three different topics, but indeed they are strongly connected each other, and we will explore this connection together over time.


PhD, Engineer and Researcher. Passionate about economy and finance and individual investor. Always looking with curiosity to the world, investigating technological evolutions and geopolitics. Searching the intimate sense of life and self-consciousness.

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